Catherine Rondina


P.K. Subban: Fighting Racism to become a Hockey Superstar and Role Model for Athletes of Colour

Book Cover for a biography of PK Subban published by Lorimer Press

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  • Release: 04 Feb, 2020

Born in Canada to parents who emigrated from the Caribbean, P.K. Subban is a remarkable athlete and role model. A talent on the ice, playing for some of the best teams in the NHL, P.K. has set records and won the Norris Trophy, the highest honour in hockey for a defenceman. Often the centre of controversy, and at one time named one of the most hated hockey players in the NHL for his outspoken attitude, he is the pride of many fans across Canada and a hero to young athletes of colour. His stand against racism relies more on actions to support others than on relating his own experiences. He is known to have made the largest donation to charity by a Canadian athlete in history, and works to build an understanding between at-risk youth and law enforcement across North America. P.K.’s story has evolved into an incredible family story of three first-generation-born-in-Canada brothers who, starting with P.K., all were drafted into the NHL. P.K. and his siblings were brought up to work hard to make their dreams come true by a father who taught in one of the toughest neighbourhoods in Toronto. A philanthropic thinker, a media favourite and force to be reckoned with on the ice — this is P.K. Subban.



“Readers of P. K. Subban will definitely come away from their reading with a sense that they have met and know both P. K. the superstar hockey player and P. K. the man.” (Dave Jenkinson, Canadian Review of Materials)

“…anyone inspired by how perseverance leads to success, will be inspired by Subban’s story.” (Sharon Rawlins, Booklist Magazine)